Rajko Dolechek


[Rajko Dolechek]

Prague, March 1999
Published in QUESTIONS AND OPINIONS Library, Volume 3

Published by Dauphin for Forma Studio
Printed in CR
Second expanded edition

© 1999 Dr Rajko Dolechek



  1. Critical Comments on the Myths about the European Union, NATO and the USA
  2. The European Community Fomented The War In Bosnia
  3. Serbia Must Be Brought To Its Knees (Klaus Kinkel. May 24th, 1992)
  4. How Was The Destruction Of Yugoslavia Financed — A Contribution To The Problem
  5. A Crime Against Humanity
  6. The Anti-Serb Attitudes Of President Vaclav Havel
  7. The Child As A Victim Of Pharisaism
  8. Hypocrisy And Refugees
  9. Nato Destroys The Infrastructure Of The Republika Srpska
  10. Three Explosions In Sarajevo — An Orgy Of Disinformation
  11. Western Secret Services And Markale II
  12. PR Agencies As Factories For Disinformation In The Usa
  13. “Death Camps” As An American And European Media Hit
  14. “Rape Camps” — Where The Incredible Number Of Rape Victims Came From
  15. Propaganda And Death Tolls
  16. The Lies And Disinformations Are Being Repeated
  17. The Vance-Owen Plan — Ignorance And Deceptions At That Time
  18. Fundamental Disinformation
  19. Safe Areas In Bosnia-Herzegovina And Their Misuse
  20. The Tuzla And Bihac Safe Areas, USA And EU Hypocrisy, Nato Misuse
  21. The American Political War Crimes Tribunal In The Hague
  22. Selective Justice In The Hague — The German Involvement In The Malpractices Of The Hague Tribunal
  23. About Hypocrisy And Double Standards
  24. Who Is Spreading Disinformation, Who Is Telling All The Lies
  25. Disinformations And France
  26. The European Union And The Serb Pensioners
  27. The Bankruptcy of the Western Democracy in Bosnia-Herzegovina — SFOR Becomes an Army of Occupation
  28. Inventory Of Hypocrisy
  29. General Michael Rose Was Bugged By Americans In Bosnia
  30. Kosovo And Two Dirty Doctrines — The Brezhnev And The Albright Doctrines
  31. Kosovo: Too Many Cooks, Too Many Disinformations, Too Much Arrogance, Ignorance, And Even Stupidity
  32. The End Of August 1998 In Kosovo
  33. The Arrogance And Disinformation Fair In Kosovo
  34. Autumn 1998 In Kosovo
  35. New Horrible Crimes Against The Civilian Population
  36. A Few Examples Of Double Standards In Kosovo
  37. The Official Germany As The Enemy Number One
  38. The Czech President Mr. Vaclav Havel Did Not Disappoint His Mentors
  39. What Is Chucpe
  40. How Many Albanian Police Forces Will Exist In Kosovo?
  41. The World Can't Afford The Existence Of Another Albania
  42. Is There A Way Out — Who Is Prolonging The Tragedy Of Kosovo?
  43. Will The New World Order Corrupt The Competent Western Judiciary?
  44. The Kingdom Of Disinformations In Kosovo: The Racak Affair
  45. Here Speaks Mr. Jenkins — He Is Not A Partisan Journalist
  46. Finale Of The Yugoslav (Serb) Tragedy
  47. The Conference At Rambouillet (February 6-16,1999)
  48. Henry Kissinger's Misgivings About The American Policy In Kosovo